• Specific Objectives
  • Implementation



    We encompassed our specific objectives in two strategic areas: 
    1. Research coordination, by
      • Developing strategies to collect population based data
      • Assessing potential biomarkers for ME/CFS
      • Defining a standardized clinical diagnosis for ME/CFS
      • Coordinating efforts to determine the social impact of ME/CFS and to appraise the economic burden of the disease
    2. Capacity building, by
      • Involving early carer investigators (ECIs)
      • Establishing communication links with industrial organisations, especially small/medium-sized enterprise (SMEs).
      • Disseminating research findings
      • Such objectives will be pursued by the EUROMENE working groups  (WGs)

    The working groups


    Establishment of joint open epidemiological platform for Action.



    Development of panel to allow synergistic use of individual biomarker depositories
    towards a common biomarker factory, supporting digitalisation in biomarker deployment and big
    data role in ME/CFS research.


    Estimate the burden of ME/CFS to society and provide long-term trend estimates for societal impact.


    Clinical research enablers and diagnostic criteria

    Integrate the European research with global efforts for up-scaled improved ME/CFS patient management via platform cross-talk and joint activity planning.


    Capacity increase in ME/CFS research, career pathway visualisation for ECIs.


    Dissemination and exploitation

    Impact multiplication of the Action.



    Survey on ME/CFS including epidemiology, diagnosis and health/social care in Europe from participating countries and from ECDC datasets (Month – 12);

    To be delivered
    Report on existing ME/CFS biobanks, deployment and access, data availability and restrictions (Month - 12 );

    To be delivered
    Survey for capacity development target groups: PhD students/candidates, ECIs, young principal investigators, researchers, clinicians, health policy makers (Month – 6)

    To be delivered


    On 21st April 2016, the first meeting of the EUROMENE Cost Action CA 1511
    held in Brussels giving general information on the cost action mechanisms.

    The second Euromene Coast Action meeting was held in Riga on 29th-30th September 2016 with a welcoming at the Riga University by the chair Modra Murovska (Latvia) and the GH member Uldis Berķis (Latvia).

    Berlin 27 January, 2017
    The third meeting of the EUROMENE Cost Action CA 1511 held in Berlin
    at the Charite with a welcomed by the local organizer
    Carmen Scheibenbogen (Germany) and the Chair Modra Murovska (Latvia).

    The fourth meeting of the EUROMENE Cost Action was held in Barcelona (Spain) at Vall d’Hebron University Hospital (16 – 17 March 2017).  On Thursday, March 16, 2017, the meeting had a welcome by Local Director of Promotional Clinical Research (Xavier Cañas), General Director of Planning and Evaluation, Catolonia Generality (Maria  J. Pueyo),  Local Chair (Jesus Castro),  Local Vice-Chair (Julià Blanco) and COST Chair (Modra Murovska).

    On 07 September 2017 was held in Belgrade the 5th EUROMENE meeting. The meeting discussed on different topics...

    Purpose of training school had as the main topic the dissemination on knowledge regarding the latest generation technologies to increase the skills of Early Career Investigators (ECI) involved in ME/CFS research.

    Pavia Summer School
    The 6th meeting of the EUROMENE Cost Action was held in Sofia (Bulgaria) on 08 February 2018.