Deliverable 1
Survey for capacity development target groups: PhD students/candidates, ECIs, young principal investigators, researchers, clinicians, health policy makers

Deliverable No. 1
Deliverable 2
Survey on ME/ CFS including epidemiology, diagnosis and health/social care in Europe from participating countries and from ECDC datasets

Deliverable No. 2
Deliverable 3
Report on existing ME/CFS biobanks, deployment and access, data availability and restrictions

Deliverable No. 3
Deliverable 4
Guidelines on ME/CFS biobank management and maintenance, catalogue synchronisation and integration with healthcare management systems (continuous updated)

Deliverable No. 4
Deliverable 5
Guidelines for usage of infection-associated biomarkers in ME/CFS diagnosis for use in biomedical and clinical research

Deliverable No. 5
Deliverable 6
Description and programme book of training schools and training events (renewed annually)

Training school in Pavia
Training school in Berlin
Deliverable 7
Joint publication manuscript on ME/CFS European practices in diagnosis and treatment based on survey data

Deliverable No. 7
Deliverable 8
Summary of evaluated socio-economic impact and direct and indirect costs caused by ME/CFS in Europe

Deliverable No. 8
Deliverable 9
Guidelines for usage of immunological biomarkers in ME/CFS diagnosis and therapy evaluation

Deliverable No. 9
Deliverable 10
Common consensus protocol for economic loss calculation due to ME/CFS

Deliverable No. 10
Deliverable 11
Evaluation scales for assessment of neurological symptoms associated with
ME/CFS and usable in diagnostic
Deliverable No. 11
Deliverable 12
Common strategy protocol for ME/CFS diagnosis:
synchronisation between centres, research component integration
Deliverable No. 12
Deliverable 13
Protocol and guidelines for ME/CFS subgroups detection (stratification) according to the presence of symptoms and
subject to potential biomarkers variation
Deliverable No. 13
Deliverable 14
Collaborative research project on ME/CFS based on synergy with other initiatives and resources integration

Deliverable No. 14
Deliverable 15
Synchronized proposal for guidelines for management/treatment of
ME/CFS: accommodating the existing and emerging therapies
Deliverable No. 15
Deliverable 16
Programme, book/abstract book and
overview of final global conference and conclusions

Deliverable No. 16
Deliverable 17
Guidelines for health policy makers on prevention losses due to ME/CFS in health and economy aspects

Deliverable No. 17