Training school EUROMENE
Pavia, 17th to 22nd July, 2017


The training school was organized by Prof Enrica Capelli and Dr Lorenzo Lorusso.
The venue of the training school was at the Laboratory of the Istituto di Biologia Animale of the University of Pavia, in Pavia. 15 people attended the training school, they arrived from the following European countries:

  • Belarus (Artsiom Shtyrau),
  • Bulgaria (Katerina Todorova),
  • Germany (Sebastian Kampf and Sophie Steiner),
  • Italy (Giuseppina Cristina Cangemi and Giuseppe Francesco Damiano Lupo)
  • Latvia (Maksims Cistjakovs and Santa Rasa and Alina Sultanova),
  • Romania (Iuliana Ciocanea-Teodorescu and  Sorina Mihaela Papuc), 
  • Spain (Alba Martinez-Martinez,Tamara Ovejero Martinez and Eloy Almenar Perez).
Tutors of the training school were: Laura Baldo (Spain), Enrica Capelli (Italy), Valeria D’Argenio (Italy), Lorenzo Lorusso (Italy), Simone Marini (Italy) and Simona Panelli (Italy).
Purpose of training school had as the main topic the dissemination on knowledge regarding the latest generation technologies to increase the skills of Early Career Investigators (ECI) involved in ME/CFS research.
The training school was focused on biomarker  in ME/CFS using theoretical and practical sessions related to next gen technologies, miRNA identification and quantitation, microbiota characterization and bioinformatics.
Training school was marked as relevant from 14 attenders, 12 of them marked facilities and logistic of the training school as excellent or good.  

Picture taken at the Institute of the Animal Biology of the University of Pavia. European researches attendants of the EUROMENE training school.From the right to the left:
Giuseppina Cristina Cangemi (Italy), Tamara Ovejero Martinez (Spain), Enrica Capelli (Italy), Alba Martinez-Martinez (Spain), Eloy Almenar Perez (Spain), Artsiom Shtyrau (Belarus), Sophie Steiner (Germany), Sebastian Kampf (Germany), Santa Rasa (Latvia), Anda Vilmane (Latvia), Sorina Mihaela Papuc (Romania), Maksims Cistjakovs (Latvia), Alina Sultanova (Latvia), Iuliana Ciocanea-Teodorescu (Romania), Katerina Todorova (Bulgaria) Lupo Giuseppe Francesco Damiano (Italy) Is absent in this picture


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