Berlin Meeting,

On 27th January 2017, the third meeting of the EUROMENE Cost Action CA 1511 held in Berlin at the Charite with a welcomed by the local organizer Carmen Scheibenbogen (Germany) and the Chair Modra Murovska (Latvia).

  • The attendants MC and WGs leaders were:
  • the Vice-Chair Eliana Lacerda (United Kingdom),
  • the GH member Uldis Berkis (Latvia),
  • the WG1 leader Jesus Castro-Marrero (Spain),
  • the WG2 leader Carmen Scheibenbogen (Germany),
  • the WG3 leader - Derek Pheby (UK) and
  • the WG4 leader - Elin Bole Strand (Norway).

The meeting discussed on presentation and the evaluation of the Horizon 2020 Application StratifyME by Eliana Lacerda.

The following part was dedicated to the reports of the WG leaders, firstly with the WG1 – Epidemiology whom Leader Jesus Castro and the their participants: Modra Murovska, Eliana Lacerda and Slobodan Sekulic talked about the situation of the differences in the estimated prevalence of ME/CFS in USA and E.U. countries.

The WG2 – Biomarker – with leader Carmen Scheibenbogen discussed with the participants, Bhupesh Prusty, Thomas Harrer, Zaiga Nora-Krūkle, Helma Freitag, on an overview of biomarkers based on a PubMed search with a classification.

The WG3 WG3 whom Leader Derek Pheby involved his participants: John Cullinan, Elenka Brenna, Lara Gitto, Rachel Hunter, Dominic Trepel on a searches for relevance economic literature on MS/CFS.

The last WG4 – Clinical research enablers and diagnostic criteria –with her leader Elin Strand discussed with the participants: Angelika Krumina, Patricia Grabowski, Jose Allege, Jerome Authier, Ingrid Helland on a brief summary of results from the survey among 12 of the countries collected by the WG.

For further details you can read: Minutes-COST 27 January 2017 as deliverable of the Berlin meeting.

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