The 6th meeting of the EUROMENE Cost Action was held in Sofia (Bulgaria) on 08 February 2018. 

The meeting had a welcome by Evelina Shikova (Local Meeting Chair),  Mrs. Zlatina Karova (COST National Coordinator for Bulgaria) and Modra Murovska (Cost Chair).
The meeting was introduced by Modra Murovska (Latvia).

  • Jesus Castro (Spain) discussed on activities of WG1 after Belgrade meeting (what is done, results).
  • Carmen Scheibenbogen (Germany) informed on activities of WG2 after Belgrade meeting.
  • Derek Pheby showed the activities of WG3 after the Serbian meeting
  • Elin Bole Strand (Norway) made an update on WG4 activities
  • Lorenzo Lorusso (Italy) and Evelina Shikova (Bulgaria) informed on interaction with the COST Office Representative Silvia Alexe on modality of dissemination regarding the activities of the EUROMENE group and on ME/CFS. Lorenzo Lorusso (Italy) informed on change of the Webpage, the involvement of SMS and patients organizations in the COST action.
The second part of the day, chaired by Carmen Scheibenbogen (Germany), was dedicated to presentations of various studies performed from members of the EUROMENE group.
  • Carmen Carmen Scheibenbogen gave the results of the Rituximab trial.
  • Brief presentations were made from Santa Rasa (Germany) on “Persistent viral infections (HHV-6, HHV-7 and B19) in ME/CFS”.
  • Bhupesh Prusty (Germany) informed on his research about:”Mitochondrial modulation by HHV-6: Possible pathogenic link to ME/CFS”.
  • Ruud Vermeulen (The Netherlands) discussed on his study on “The cardiopulmonary exercise test in CFS/ME”. Presentation of review projects from Franziska Sotzny (Germany) discussed on “Autoimmunity”;
  • Jesus Castro (Spain) told on “Metabolism”;
  • Thomas Harrer (Germany) discussed on the role of the ”Chronic Enterovirus and HHV6 Infection” and Julia Blanco (Spain) gave a review on “Immune cell alterations”.
  • Lorenzo Lorusso (Italy) showed projects proposed by a SMS and a drug company.

At the meeting participated the new member of the EUROMENE Cost Action Giorgos Sakkas (Greece).

Sofia EUROMENE meeting 08/02/2018 FinalAgenda

Sofia Meeting Agenda
European Network on Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
COST Action - CA15111
8 February 2018

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EUROMENE WG 2 Biomarker
Achievement M12
Survey on biomarker „European biomarker landscape“

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Enterovirus Infections and ME
Infectious Diseases Section
Department of Medicine 3
University Hospital Erlangen

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Working Group 3 – Socio- Economics
Report to COST Action 15111
Management Committee

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WG 4 on clinical research enablers
and diagnostic criteria

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Interaction with the COST Office
Communication - Brussels
8th February 2018

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Webpage, information and involvement of
SMS and patients organizations
8th February 2018

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Prevalence of ME/CFS in Europe:
results from Belgrade to Sofia

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Current situation
How to increase activity of ECIs in participating countries

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How do we explain exercise intolerance in CFS/ME?
CFS/ME MC Amsterdam

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Immunometabolism in ME/CFS
“proposal on a draft revision”8

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European Network on Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic
Fatigue Sindrome
Prof. Modra Murovska

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Persistent Viral Infections (HHV-6, HHV-7 & B19) in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue/Sindrome

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