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EUROMENE is the acronym for European Network on ME/CFS, which is a COST Action project. Myalgic Encephalomyelitys/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) is a disabling disease of unknown aetiology that affects individuals of all ages, causing significant social and economic burden. The economic burden of the disease across Europe has been estimated as EUR 40 billion in 2015. While there have been increased research efforts on ME/CFS in the last 20 years, they remain rather fragmented, and there is a lack of coordination of European research on the field. There are substantial gaps in our knowledge of this complex disease, and the creation of the proposed European network of ME/CFS research groups will provide the means to address them. The EUROMENE aims to assess current knowledge and deliver information on the burden of disease in Europe, potential biomarkers, clinical diagnosis and management, and potential treatments to care providers, patients, and other stakeholders

The first row from left to right: Asja Lunga (LV), Scheibenbogen Carmen (DE), Lacerda Eliana UK), Nchung Oru Jeannette (Adminsitrative officer of the Cost Action, Brussels - BE), Capelli Enrica (IT), Budisteanu Magdalena (RO), Murovska Modra (LV), Authier Jerome (FR), Krumina Angelika (LV), Castro-Marrero Jesus (ES), Blanco Julia (ES), Sekulic, Slobodan (RS)
Second row from the right to left: Nacul Luis (UK), Rasa Santa (LV), Nora-Krukle Zaiga (LV), Berkis Uldis (LV), De Korwin Jean-Dominique (FR), Pheby Derek (UK), Shikova-Lekova Evelina (BG), Strand Elin B (NO), Lorusso Lorenzo (IT), Harrer Thomas (DE), Nielsen Henrik (DK)

COST is supported by the EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020