Bucharest Meeting

The 8th Euromene Coast Action meeting was held in Bucharest on 14th February 2019 with a welcoming at the Royale Hotel by the local chairman  Carmen Adella Sirbu.

The following meetings occurred:

  • Management Committee Meeting
  1. Modra Murovska, Current GP3 situation - implemented measures and planned measures.
  2. Fernando Estévez-López, Slobodan Sekulic, Activities of WG1 after London  meeting (what is done, results).
  3. Carmen Scheibenbogen, Enrica Capelli, Activities of WG2 after London meeting (what is done, results).
  4. Derek Pheby, Activities of WG3 after London meeting (what is done, results).
  5. Elin Bole Strand, Jerome Authier, Activities of WG4 after London meeting (what is done, results).
  6. Carmen Adella Sirbu, current situation with STSM. How to increase activity of ECIs in participating countries.
  7. Lorenzo Lorusso, Evelina Shikova, Interaction with the Cost Academy on dissemination (what is done, how to increase dissemination activity).
  8. Lorenzo Lorusso, Anne Marit Mengshoel, Webpage, information and involvement of SMS and patients organizations.
  9. All MC members, International conferences/congresses, local activities (activities in the participating countries) planned during GP3.
  10. Other issues (prepared and submitted projects, next MC meeting etc.)
  11. Clarification of the WGs plan for the next GP4 period
  • Working Group 2 Meeting
Leader Carmen Scheibenbogen, Enrica Capelli 

Update Biomarker Studies
-    Update new biomarker and multiparameter studies (metabolic, autoantibodies)
-    Ongoing multiparameter study
Biomarkers to subgroup ME/CFS
Preparation of document with recommendations for biomarker usage and development of biomarker
Enrica Capelli, Summary on autoantibodies.
Francisco Westermeier, Presentation about endothelial function in ME/CFS focused on potential biomarkers.

  • Working Group 4 Meeting
  1. Jeromie Authier Presentation of achieved results corresponding to the GP3 work plan. Anne-Marit Mengshoels’ presentation Effects of non-pharmacological interventions and patients’experiences of participating in such interventions.
  2. Luis Nacul,  Report of Protocol for ME/CFS diagnostic (Includes recommendation for research purposes) 
  3. Jose Alegre/Olli Polo, Report on Symptom management and relief for ME/CFS (pharmacological)
  4. Giorgos Sakkas /Ruud Vermulen, Report on draft for European Landscape on Diagnosis of ME/CFS for publication by
  5. Jerome Authier/Jean Dominique, Report on a draft of Neuropsychological review procedures on ME/CFS
  6. Discussion on next steps for:
    1. Alignment of contents with outputs from Working Groups 1 (Epidemiology); 2 (Biomarkers); and 3 (Socio-Economics),
    2. Production of first final draft of document with recommendations from WGs,
    3. Planning inputs from the patient community and Charities,
    4. Planning Dissemination.

Bucharest Meeting

European Network on Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
COST action CA15111
Agenda 14 February 2019, Bucharest, Romania

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