Working Group on conferences, seminars, training schools, STSMs

STSM (short term scientific mission) activities

  • 6 STSMs are planned for 1st year
  • Participating countries are requested to  provide candidates
  • STSM coordinator will navigate the procedure and process Seminar to Barcelona meeting

Our Mission

to increase capacity in ME/CFS research, and improve career pathway and visualisation for ECIs
  • Task 1: To organize two training schools “Summer school on -omics and bioinformatics in ME/CFS research”, and “Summer school for translational research in ME/CFS”;
  • Task 2: To organize STSMs, accomplish them and monitor results. The training will be available to the network but also accessible to ECI applicants outside of the network.
  • Task 3: To organize two training panels “Novel methods in potential infection-associated biomarkers research for ME/CFS” and “Novel methods in potential immunological biomarkers research for ME/CFS”;
  • Task 4: To organize final global conference “Common strategy on research of ME/CFS”.
  • Document on target group invitation (PhD students/candidates, ECIs, young principal investigators, researchers, clinicians, health policy makers, patients) for training schools, training events and conference M6;
  • Protocols of training schools and clinical trainings. M48;
  • Conference programme M36.


Description and programme book of training schools and training events;.

To be delivered
Programme book/abstract book and overview of final global conference.

To be delivered